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Dots & Dashers Square Dance Club
Resources For New Dancers

Updated: October 02, 2014

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Free Introductory Square Dance Lessons
Tuesday, September 16 & 23, 2014, 1930 hrs

An opportunity for prospective new square dance couples to learn the basic steps.
No dance experience required.  Free for new dancers.

New Dancer Party (January 18, 2015)
An opportunity for new dancers from all clubs to practice what they have learned so far.

Freshman Frolic (April, 2015)
An opportunity for recently graduated dancers to practice.

Spring Dances (May 2015)
Beginner-oriented dances are held each week in May, called by Tom Dakers.

Teaching Resources

Square Dance Video Lessons
Saddlebrooke Squares Club, Tuczon, Arizona

Square Dance CD
On-line animations of selected Beginner and Mainstream figures.
All Beginner & Mainstream figures figures are available by purchasing the CD.
Click on the "Basic Steps" or "Mainstream Steps" links

CallerLab - Mainstream Program List (2011)
List of the 68 moves taught in the beginner classes (PDF format, one page)

CallerLab - Abbreviated Definition (2013)
Brief definitions of the moves taught in the beginner classes (PDF format, 33 pages)

CallerLab - Mainstream Definition (2011)
Detailed definitions of the moves taught in the beginner classes (PDF format, 60 pages)

Broken Squares
What to do when a square breaks down.  Based on information from CallerLab.  Click on the "Broken Squares" link

Other Resources
Variety of square dance resources

International Square Dance Callers association

On-line Guide To Square Dancing
Links to many square dance resources.